True Intimacy In Marriage

An online course to help you get back to that fireside snuggle feeling and the connection your marriage needs to THRIVE!

Disconnection In Marriage Leads To Distance...

...And Distance Leads to Dissatisfaction.

When couples first get married, it’s easy to carry over the dating excitement. They’re happy to be together and then, the busyness of life happens. You tick the boxes. The house. The kids. The church on Sunday. But something is missing. That incredible intimacy (and passion) you used to have…has gotten drowned out, lost in the responsibilities of everyday life.

This disconnection leaves couples going through the motions, getting resentful, or looking elsewhere to meet their needs. They don’t know how to stop their slow drift, how to talk without fear of offending, and if there’s still hope for the marriage they wanted, when they said I Do.

When your marriage THRIVES…everything else thrives.

Overcome roadblocks in communication

Reconnect with your spouse

Create an intimacy you enjoy

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to personalize your communication, so you can

    hear what’s at the heart

  • Why a lifestyle of closeness makes snuggles easy to


  • Ways for romance and sexual intimacy to strengthen

    your bond

  • How self-confidence brings out the best in each other

  • What God’s plan for healthy sex in marriage looks like

With This COUPLES Course, You’ll Discover...

Better Connection

Your spouse is your teammate, your rock. The connection there is extremely important and this course will help you re-establish that connection between you.

Incredible Passion

Breakthrough the walls you've put up around your heart and learn to let them in. Intimacy is like that feeling of being snuggled up around a cozy fire...let's discover that again.

Meaningful Communication

We all know communication can be one of the hardest parts about marriage. This will help you establish a level of communication that is easy, clear, fun, and unifying.

Pam C.

Assistant Pastor & Woman's Ministry Leader

"Mary provided a space where I felt loved, valued & free to open my heart without feeling judged. Mary is a beautiful woman, full of Godly wisdom and gifted at ministering the Father's love to the broken places of a womans soul..."

Is Something Missing In Your Marriage?

Are You Feeling...

Distant & disconnected?

Like something is missing or broken?

Sexual intimacy is no longer easy or fun?

Frustrated over no improvement?

A sense that only one person is working on the marriage?

Worried the problem is too big?

Like you've let the issues go on too long?

Like your spouse doesn't want to work towards a better relationship?

Shamed by sexual messages from your past life?

Unsure of how God sees sex & what a healthy sex life looks like?

This Course Can Help You.

I understand how devastating broken relationships can be. As a survivor of divorce and unwanted sexual behavior, I have seen marriage dreams shattered first hand.

After my own personal healing and training, I have become passionate about helping others. As a certified life coach, marriage mentor, Christian sex educator, master’s level educator, founder of Limitless Intimacy, and twenty years in the relationship industry, I work with faith-based couples and marriage-minded singles to help them understand how to connect for great intimacy.

Through private coaching, workshops, church retreats, breakout sessions, small groups, television guest appearances, online platform interviews, and authored books and courses, I’ve shared step-by-step strategies for couples to connect intimately. But I’ve seen the power and impact that a couple’s own, personally developed communication can have.

That’s why I created the True Intimacy in Marriage couple’s course. In this course, couples can bridge the gulf of disconnection and get the tools to empower their passion and make their marriage thrive.


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When You Enroll In This Online COUPLES Course, You'll Get:

Relationship Tools

Easy-to-follow communication skills to personalize your intimate connection.

Self-Paced Online Course

90-day access to the full online program complete with videos and study guide.

Support Community

Unlimited access to a free online community for support.

Course Investment:

$297 One-Time Payment

*90-day access to all course content with a renewable option.

Course Modules:

  • Sexual Wholeness In A Broken World

  • Intrapersonal Realignment

  • Self-Value Impacts Relationships

  • God's Gift Is Good

  • God's Gift Is Intimate

  • God's Gift Is Fierce

  • God's Gift Is Timeless

  • Personalized Intimacy Plan

Ready To Invest In Your Marriage?

Getting Started Is Simple. Follow These Steps.

Step One

Enroll in the course & pay your tuition.

Step Two

Check email for login to begin course.

Step Three

Enjoy your thriving marriage.

*This course is designed for informational purposes only. Any and all actions or consequences from the course are the sole responsibility of the course participant. Information should not be seen as medical or mental health advice, and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals.

A thriving marriage will give you a limitless life.

Finding a healthy and Godly way to do marriage...including sexual intimacy that's NOT boring yet completely honoring and possible for you and your spouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course self-paced?

Yes. You can progress through or rewatch the modules at your own pace for as long as you have paid access.

How much is enrollment?

The cost of enrollment is one-time fee of $297. This provides you with access for 90-days. After the initial 90-days, you will have the option to renew for an additional fee.

Is there an app?

There will be an app version of this course available soon.

Who is this course designed for?

This program is designed for married, faith-based couples who want to rekindle that incredible intimate, fireside-snuggle feeling they used to have. That feeling might have been drowned out and lost in the responsibilities of everyday life, but this course will help you reignite that spark.

Is this only for Christian couples?

Although, this program is based on Christian values, beliefs and principles, non-Christian couples can benefit from the strategies and solutions offered in this program.

What solutions and strategies does this course offer a husband and wife?

This course establishes understanding and language about intimacy to make talks easier and more successful. This will bridge the gulf in connection so you can gain insight into your spouse's ways of feeling loved and sexual intimacy preferences. It will also help explain how your personality, childhood, culture and beliefs affect your ability to be intimate...and ways to open the dialogue to trust and be vulnerable. This course will also discuss the DNA of a good lover, your personalized intimacy plan, trying daring things in the bedroom, and what's OK for married Christians in their sex life.

What makes this course different?

This program is completed at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home, with easy-to-follow (and proven) steps. It includes videos plus a study guide to follow with journal reflection and couple's discussion. The taboo topic of sexual intimacy is addressed directly yet discreetly, based on scriptural principles. This course has been designed by a master's level educator and published author. Additionally, you get access to a free community group for continued support.

Is this course a good fit for couples that are in marriage counseling or talking about divorce?

This course will help a couple who has lost their incredible intimate, fireside-snuggle feeling, to the point they're in marriage counseling or talking about divorce.

You're Only One Shift Away From a THRIVING Marriage.

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© Limitless Intimacy 2022. All Rights Reserved.

© Limitless Intimacy 2022. All Rights Reserved.